A service finding icons on web sites

What Is This About?

Web sites used to have a favicon.ico, or not. With the introduction of the apple-touch-icon.png finding “the” icon for a site became more complicated. This service finds and — if necessary — generates icons for web sites.

Find Icon


You can just link to an icon using the required url and size parameters:


Find more detailed information in the Readme on GitHub.

Demo version & Self hosting

This here is just a demo version of besticon running on Heroku. It will stop working once the free hours per month have been used.

Therefore, if you want to depend on besticon in your own projects you should host your own version as explained over at https://github.com/mat/besticon. It's super easy, really.


Fortunately this site is able to rely on several fine pieces of work from others. I'd like to thank